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East Coaster

"Skyhook" at Edinburgh Folk Club

Wednesday 27th October 2010

"Skyhook are an exciting collaboration of three of the finest acoustic musicians in Sheffield, England. Martin Harwood, Cath James and Eoin Teather play traditional tunes and songs from Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton Island, plus some brand new self-penned compositions.

skyhook are characterised by breathtaking twin fiddles combined with sublime guitar, bouzouki and voice. They shift seamlessly between driving dance music and spine-tingling songs, and play with a joy and precision that's hard to match. "

"Watch out for the name; this quality band are going places. Wonderful music."
- Linda Wild, Artistic Director, Wimborne Folk Festival

"astoundingly good" - Stirrings Magazine

"was inadvertantly, overwhelmingly blown away at Sheffield Folk Festival yesterday by a stunning three piece... Two superb fiddlers accompanied by a fine, fine guitarist (who also turned out to be an unbelievably good singer)" - Keith Donnelly

"an absolute delight; music that lifts the spirit" - South Riding Folk Arts Network News (Spring 2006)

"AH huv tae report that Skyhook wur pretty damn good.
Thir good musicians. Thir singer hus an excellent voice an aw.
They dae a good set o tunes and songs.
They build a rapport wi the audience
Thir no clones oota some music college.
Thir no up thirsels.
Thir no feart tae make a song thir own.
They've got the skill tae make a song thir own.
Took me back tae the days when folk musicians hud tae serve thir time.
Recommended!" -- Jumping Jesus, Wha's like Us forum

Pleasance Cabaret Bar

8, 7, 5(members)
East Coaster

This band delighted us when they opened up for Mike Whellans last year.

We have another great opening act this time. The one and only Young Trad finalist Alistair Ogilvy who will be accompanied by Jim King.

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