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'We'll be like Bhutan'.

Anyone wondering what a post-separation Scotland will be like will be interested in what Stewart Stevenson (he's the numptie who brought the country to a standstill in December 2010) thinks.

"ENVIRONMENT minister Stewart Stevenson has said an independent Scotland would have many similarities with Bhutan - one of the world’s least developed countries.

Mr Stevenson said Bhutan, a small country in a currency union with India, exports renewable energy there and even wears the kilt."

More idiocy at

Agreed, a perceptive comment, and I would go further.
The relationship of post  independent Scotland to England, will be like the relationship of Bantustan and South Africa before apartheid, that is a much smaller unit with very little development having to rely on its much larger neighbour.
Just where does Salmond think all the economic developments and jobs are going to come from.
I visit Scotland regularly and have my family living there, and I can say that there are terrible problems of underdevelopment in Scotland.
Where is the population going to come from?   Native Scot's will be outraged if Salmond simply opens the floodgates to 3rd world immigrants, which I suspect is his game plan.

If these 3rd world immigrants survive the 'use of the apostrophe' test, I suspect the compulsory Gaelic lessons, porridge eating workshops and alternating repeats of Brigadoon and Braveheart will have them begging for repatriation. Some will undoubtedly offer to pay their own way.

If that doesn't work, Brave will be added to the viewing list. The Embra screening was such compulsive viewing that Eck turned up late. He'd seen it already and knew the fate which awaited him.

Fortunately the wild horses were found, harnessed and Eck did, in fact, get to Lothian Rd eventually. Few noticed.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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