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A Scots Quair

.. This shameless plug is quite early !
There will be an orchestral version of my piece ,' A Scots Quair' , based on the great trilogy by Lewis Grassic Gibbon ,performed on 28th August at St. Mary's Cathedral. Palmerston Place, Embra at 7pm.
This piece was originally commissioned for Celtic Connections and performed with an all star cast of traditional musicians ( see, said it would be shameless ! ). My pal Lawrence Dunn has since arranged it for his wee chamber orchestra, Philomusica of Edinburgh, so the tunes are the same, but the style's a bit different!
The singers will be Wendy Weatherby and David Scott, who also wrote the lyrics.
It's a bloody huge church, so please come along and make the place look busy ! I think the tickets are about 8 - best check the Fringe programme !
Ta  very much !
Wendy Smilie_PDT
Jim King

So is that in the east then Spike? Smilie_PDT

A Scots Quair

Will clapping be permitted?
renfrewshire radical

Hi Spike,

I'll try tae get through tae that, bit I'm gettin a bit auld these days, and visits tae Edinburg involvin yon drunkin strumpet Wendy are few and far between these days.   Smilie_PDT  Smilie_PDT  :twisted:

Glad ye fun the secret passageway.

John McC.

Drunken strumpets ( at least a wee bit sober would be good, tho' ! ) , Radicals fi Renfrewshire and onny clappers wecome ! Smilie_PDT  ( never again, that caper, btw ! )
W x

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Shameless plugs
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