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Creeping Jesus

A swally

Tomorrow, Saturday 14th Jan 8-ish in the Laurieston at Bridge street.

We're gettin a Royal Visit fae Shuggy Vara, King of the Jews.

Dunno if instruments'll be in order but bring them anyway.
Ox ya Moron

Ah'm sorry Ah missed it, Ah goat cawed intae domestic duties. Wis thur a guid turnoot?
Creeping Jesus

Nothin spectacular happened since thir wis only me an RS an Shuggy present.

An a boay called John who recognised me fae the music. See this bein mildly famous lark!

We had a very pleasant evenin natterin withoot ye thanks fur askin.

Yese aw better huv notes.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Shameless plugs
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