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Creeping Jesus

A wee campaign

Anybody fancy harassing her fittieness to get the old shop rebooted?

Pm me for contact details.

I'll check back often.
Ox ya Moron

Ye cuild pm me wi contact details CJ.

Ah sent a request tae 'Admin' askin fur hoo tae send an harrassin messij!
Creeping Jesus

Right oota the buloo this efternin comes a message fae hur ladyship hursel promisn tae get it fixed "SOON!"


I have created a case and assigned it to an engineer and it should be done SOON.

What can I say except I have been running around like a blue backsided fly and achieving little (or so it feels)

I will update you as soon as the issue is fixed

Excellent.  Should we still be clicking through on the adverts to generate a little financial support?

Great news, CJ.

Ah ken fine her fittiness must be busy, cos itherwise thur's nae explanation o why she wid ignore mah harrassin email, eh? compress
Creeping Jesus

Here's hopin!
Shuggy Vara

Zat no 'here's hoppin'?
Ox ya Moron

It's bin an awfy laing time. Hevver, it hus bin diffycult tae challinj Her Fittyniss tae dae summat, seein as she ayewis seems tae huv a leg tae staund oan.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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