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Alan Ritchie

I've just had a call infoming me that Alan Ritchie left us today.

I know some of you knew him.

Old Star club hands will remember Alan as the charming man with an almost perpetual smile and a warm and gentle voice who hung about with the One Legged Eagle gang in Carlton Place, and later sat on the door in Berkeley Street taking the money.

He disappeared from the folk scene a few years ago and I learned recently that he'd had an eye removed due to a retinal cancer, and had been severely afffected psychologically by it.

I've no further details of his death. I assume it would be down to the cancer.

A nice man.. You lose touch with people and you don't realise how much you miss them until you find out you'll never see them again.

Hat tipped for a thoroughly nice guy.
Rid Sonja

As one of that old One-Legged Eagle gang, I'm really sorry to hear of Alan's death.  At only 63, he should have looked forward to a goodly number of years of life.  Sadly, it was not to be.

Alan Ritchie

Any details about Alan's funeral ?  A gem of a man.  Sad to hear the news.

No further info as yet.

I'll make a call tonight and see if tyhere's any news.

Info just in:

The funeral's at Linn on Tuesday the 4th at 1pm followed by a gathering for some songs at the Boswell hotel in Mansionhouse  Road.

I expect there'll be a good turnout.
Rid Sonja

I'll be making my way there.
Rid Sonja

Alan's funeral was yesterday and it was an intensely moving experience.  He didn't want any priest to mutter inane words of condolance and so friends and family spoke of the man they knew and the experiences they had shared with him.  It was a beautiful, unrushed affair and the sun shone as he was laid to rest.

Music was sung and the coffin was taken from the chapel to the sound of the congregation singing the one song Alan  could ever be persuaded to sing on rare occasions: Travelling Light.

He'll be missed.

Ahh ffs...I am ashamed to say I didn't know about Alan's death and more ashamed to say I didn't know of his retinal cancer..such a lovely gentle man.

I logged in to see what Davey Speirs' mates were saying of his passing and find myself mourning another one of the characters...shite.


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