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Creeping Jesus


I think Alex has been ill. He's disappeared off the internet.

Can anybody who knows any more PM me please?
Ox ya Moron

Ah jist left a wee messij oan his voicemail. Ah'll let yese know if thur's anny respomse.
Ox ya Moron

It wuild appear thit thi curmudgeonly auld sod hus hud a stroke. Unless Ah'm confyoosin him wi sumwan else.

I'm sorry to hear that. Can anyone getting in touch to pass on my thoughts and best wishes? Thanks.
Rid Sonja

As best I can Ony, I will.

Oh shit.   I hope he gets better soon.  Any further news?

Facebook message from AlexM

"They have brought my discharge date forward due to my response to the gym sessions,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ya effin hoo"

Gotta be good news.

Terrific!   Smilie_PDT
Rid Sonja

He was going oot shoppin wi his carers while in hospital tae assess his strength and ability.  He said the jaunt went well.   drunken

Ye cannae beat a jaunt wen yer unner the wether.

Keep it up Alex.
Shuggy Vara

Hope he kin keep his strenff up - astae ability, lets no ask fur mirrycules. Guid news hes mekkin progress.
Rid Sonja

Mirrykulls?  Nah!  Decent professional healthcare, but...  drunken

Pleased to read the update - hope he's soon at hame.
renfrewshire radical

Glad tae hear hes on the mend. If the NHS cannae look efter their ain...........

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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