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Amp recommendation

Looking for a recommendation for a starter amp for Mr Effie's guitar.
He likes the look of a Freshman one but that's probably cos it would match his guitar. Smilie_PDT

Any ideas folks?

Hi Effie - acoustic or electric? I've got a Marshall AS50R, which makes a great little solo PA, but also works very well for electric, behind a multi-fx unit - if you're looking for a cheap, basic electric amp, I've also got a nice little Behringer GM110 30-watter, which is surplus to requirements. Drop me a line on, if you're interested.

As you know I've got amps coming out of my ears, but none of them is a dedicated acoustic amp.

If I ws in the market for a starter acoustic amp, I'd certainly be looking at this fella...

It's got the stuff you need on the front panel, including the all-important swept mid frequency on the EQ, plus chorus and reverb.

Thomann are punting this for 71 plus 10 euros carriage.

Harley Benton is one of Thomann's house brands, which, along with the low price might inspire some skepticism.

However HB branded amps quite often are rebadged and upgraded versions of more expensive units (The HBAC-30 30watt battery amp is a Crate TX30, and the GA-5 valve combo is an Epiphone valve junior with an added tone control), so they're worth considering.

Here's Thomann's selection of acoustic amps.

Check out your local "Fences R Us" (Cash Converter or whatever your local equivalent is) the one round here usually has a few in at good prices.  I'm currently trying hard not to be tempted by a Marshall RDX 30 and a Tanglewood Jazz guitar (under two hundred notes for both).  A 100watt Harley Benton went for 95.


Oh, he's lost looking at the "shiny" pages.
He's fairly taken with the Harley Benson 80 W,
but he's wondering if that's overkill?
(Effie as Mr Effie's PA Smilie_PDT)

weight 19 KG

Weight apart, the 80 watt version has quite a bit more for the money apart from the extra headroom.

For that money!

Hee hee I'll let him know.
Jim King

If it doesn't go up to eleven, forget it.

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