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Shuggy Vara

An act uv dug?

Heh heh heh, fi las Friday

'TEN fire crews are currently in the Old High Street in Folkestone, fighting a blaze above a Christian bookshop.
The fire, in a flat above the Centre For Peace, started at about 11am and spread to number 38, causing tiles to fly off the roof and filling the road with smoke.
No one was injured but there is widespread damage to the property.'

An tae neebring propurties.
An thur no inshoored neethur.

Thur fuckawfy peepul whit pit pikshurs uv foetuses in thur windae an sell fotaes uv the chief uv thi childmolesturs. Nivir huv a guid wurd fur naebdy. Majin they firefighturs huvvin tae risk life an lim fur thi likes uv thaem.
Creeping Jesus

Thir's some weird shops in Old High Street. Is the new age astrologer's place still there or wis it shut due tae unforeseen circumstances?
Shuggy Vara

Thi strollygurs hus moved to be neerur tae Waitrose. Pits it neerur tae the sea so they kin pick up thur majick stanes mur easier annaw.
Creeping Jesus


       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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