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Awrrabest for Hogmanay

I'm off to see my Dad, so early Hogmanay and Ne'erday wishes to everyone.

renfrewshire radical

Aw the best back to you and hugs for the New Year to all o' ye
Shuggy Vara

belatit wans tae wan an aw.

Hallawrerr an belatit condiments ae the season fae me an aw!

I had a great old time flooding my Dad's kitchen.   Well, it wasn't actually anything I did but I felt quite guilty while doing the Sorceror's Apprentice in reverse thing.

Meanwhile the gas fire in the living room was in a grumpy not-working mood as well.     sad1

I left before we could be hit by plague, pestilence or anything else.     Smilie_PDT
Ox ya Moron

Aw shite, Celyn. Nae so much a hogminnie mair a micro-pig.

Oh I didn't do the flooding on Hogmanay - Hogmanay was fine, with whisky and cherry cake and shortbread - ha!  laugh in the face of heart attacks, eh?

Naw, I did the flooding on the day Dad thought he'd arrange a rare meet-up with an old pal, so it was a bit rotten that when he got to do that he came home to hear of a nice wee deluge.

Then when the flood gremlin was sorted out, there was a massive amount of towels etc to be washed 'cos all had been used  in hopes of getting rid of water.

I hope you all had a good (and dry) New Year.    Smilie_PDT
Creeping Jesus

Very belated season's greetings folks.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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