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East Coaster

Bellevue Rendezvous at Edinburgh Folk Club

Wednesday 3rd November 2010

"Bellevue Rendezvous was formed in 2006, the result of a mutual love of beautiful, quirky and varied tunes. They are a very inventive Scottish-based acoustic trio which creates quirkily alluring instrumental interplay ...featuring, along with fiddle and bouzouki, the traditional Swedish instrument the nyckelharpa, a beautifully toned keyed fiddle in the viola register, and rarely heard in the UK.

Described as vibrant, dynamic, exciting, original, sensitive and lyrical, Bellevue Rendezvous lines up as: Gavin Marwick (fiddle), Ruth Morris, (nyckelharpa) and Cameron Robson (bouzouki). In their current repertoire they have many original tunes, as well as traditional and contemporary music from Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, Serbia, France, Brittany, Macedonia, Poland, Canada, Finland and Sweden.

The trio released their first album, "Tangents", in May 2007, and appeared at Celtic Connections (Jan 2008), on BBC Radio Scotland's Global Gathering, and in various venues all over the country. A second album, Salamander, (for which they received Scottish Arts Council support) was released in January 2010."

Venue: Pleasance Cabaret bar

20.00 hours 8, 7, 5(members)

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