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Ben Nevis Bar

I'm delighted to see the Ben Nevis Bar has won Music Venue of the Year Award at Simone's Soirée.


That's interesting.

What happens in there to make it music venue of the year?

I think I went in for a pint once. IIRC it was a bit pricey.

Who knows what things occupy the minds of the 'panel of experts' who short-listed it or those who voted for it in large numbers.

The Ben won without the 'benefit' of a Facebook or email campaign. Nobody, to my knowledge, did any 'phone canvassing or offered treats or inducements. It won against good opposition.

There's semi-organised live diddle-dee a couple of times a week and spontaneous stuff at other times. The Ben has supported the old McEwans Sessions and Homecoming 2009 Sessions and there may well be a 2012 version. Watch this space.

The beer is a bit pricey compared to some other places I couldn't name but not wholly out of line compared with other local hostelries - even the Grove (the bar, not the chippy) isn't as cheap as it was. The Ben's still cheaper than, say, Babbity's or the Chip + you (I) don't need to take a taxi home or worry when the last subway (the rapid transport system, not the smelly stuff in a bun) leaves.
East Coaster

Your friend was a bit peeved that "her" premises was beaten by a "session venue(See Simone's blog)

East Coaster wrote:
Your friend was a bit peeved that "her" premises was beaten by a "session venue(See Simone's blog)

Yeah, great innit? I suspect drink had been taken  drunken

As I said above, the Ben won without a Facebook campaign or anything other than encouraging pub regulars to vote.

As I said to our friend, questions about eligibility should be directed to the 'panel of "experts" '.  I, and lots of other pals and folkies, voted for her as Young Highland Ambassador of the Year (or somesuch title) which she won.

You can't win everything.

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