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Billy McQuade

Mick West reports that Billy is seriously ill in the Royal Infirmary.

I'm told he's not a critical now.

Mick reports Billy is on life support in the Royal. Immediate family visitors only.

Billy passed away during the night.
Jim King

That's very sad news. I didn't know him well, but enough to feel it's a sad loss. My condolences to family and friends.

I am so sorry about Billy's death.  Its a great loss to all of us.  He was a very good hearted man. Love to his family and friends.

I didn't know him well but he was always very supportive of the music at the grass roots. RIP.

I last saw Billy in the pissing rain trying to watch Clark and King at the Glasgow Show back in the summer. You wouldn't know there was anything wrong with him then.

It's quite shocking how quickly and stealthily things creep up on you.

I knew him to say hello to and spend the odd 10 minutes passing the time of day when our paths crossed in a pub.

Stories I heard about him told me he was a kind and selfless man who put himself out for his friends.

That's a quality rare in the world but common to a lot of people it's been my privilege to know in the wee fragile community that is the Glasgow folk scene.

I think we are all diminished by his departure.

Billy was one of those faces who was always just there. Pop into the Vicky Bar, the Scotia, The Tollbooth or Lauries and Billy would be there.

I last spoke to him in Lauries on the afternoon of the Glasgow TMSA AGM. I don't think he was a member. He certainly wasn't at the meeting - he was just there.

I always had the feeling he was made out of the steel he spent much of his life working with.

He'll be missed.

he was just there.

Spot on. Onny.

Liz Clarke has emailed to say Billy's funeral will be on Monday 30th November at Linn Crematorium at 10.15am and afterwards at Lauries.
renfrewshire radical

Steel, that brought a smile to my face.

Billy lived in Carintyne, near Ally Park at one time. Six tae a close cooncil flat.

He got so sick of being broken in tae, that he built himsel a steel door. Nae windae, nae letterbox, jist a solid steel door wi a keyhole.

The firemen wurnae best pleased, but did Billy gie a flying f.

Sorry to hear about his death, he wis a wan off. Saw him on the Green last summer tae, looked jist the same as always. He wis Hamish's roadie for a long time. Whit a combination they were. You got it spot on Onny.

I was thinking of Billy's door when I wrote it. He used to say he got regular visits from local drug dealers wanting to know where he got it.

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