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Brian McNeill's The Baltic Tae Byzantium

Kenny Mathieson says (in The Hootsman)

"BRIAN McNeill's Back O' The North Wind is regarded as one of the classics of the Greentrax catalogue, and this disc will be eagerly anticipated. While the earlier record examined the Scots in America, this project looks at their explorations through Europe, reflected in song and music. McNeill is a fine player on fiddle and a broad range of other instruments, and though the songs are good, he is not the strongest of singers. He led a performance under this title at Celtic Connections a while back, but the rather flat-sounding recording has been created in various locations over six years, and features a number of guest musicians, including a cameo from Dick Gaughan, and backing vocals from Sylvia Barnes and Patsy Seddon." and gives it three stars.

"not the strongest of singers"? I suppose a pedant would have to agree but do we? I certainly don't.
Rid Sonja

KInda makes me wonder what he means when he says that coz I think there are much worse singers out there than Brian.  I'd like to hear the recording, though.  So many people claimed BOTNW was 'over produced', whatever they meant by that..I love the 'big, in-yer-face' sound on that album so that the music complements the songs rather than just accompanying them.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Reviews
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