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Budget Airlines.

D'ye know why they're called Budget Airlines? Cos if they were called Cheapskate Airlines (which is what they are) nobody would use them.

Flying Cheapskate is 100% OK, unless you choose to bitch about the fact they don't give you the sort of service and facilities we used to get on Concord (no e).

Air travel, like so much in life, is about what you pay for it.
Creeping Jesus

Even on Concord (no e) ye never got yer ain parachute. Dependin on whit joke ye wur in ye hud tae debate the matter wi the pope or Gary Glitter, or even Tony Blair.

It's Caledonian Travel for me. Second back seat next tae the fire exit so's ye get the extra fartin space.

Even Caley Travel's no' whit it wis.

Since the advent of the auld bastird's bus pass an' silver surfin', the grannies ur arranging thur ain digs oanline an travellin' for free oan Souter's charabancs.

Grabbin' a granny hus nevvir been harder.
East Coaster

Less of your cheek. I've got an " auld bastird's bus pass" now.
Rid Sonja

Huh!  By the time ah get tae thon age there'll be nae bus pass attawattaw.   dark1

There may still be a bus pass but it'll probably only be valid on Souter's Stagecoach.

We never did get to the bottom of his knighthood, did we?

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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