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Catskinners member asks 'why have I been overlooked AGAIN?'

Barely disguised as "Is Martin Simpson that good", a Catskinners member and occassional contributor bemoans the fact that a Panel of Experts (onnyway else see the irony here?) didn't nominate him furra gong and has the cheek to complain about favouritism.

Simone's answer?

Well of course he is but is it not ridiculous that he has been nominated AGAIN for Musician of the Year in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2010. If it were me I would be embarrased at getting the same nomination year upon year. Why are the panel doing this? Are there no other UK musicians worthy of this spot? How can the Awards be taken seriously when this happens year upon year. Is it favouritism? What's going on? Can you imagine the Oscars submitting the same actor every year for Best Actor - they wouldn't get away with it!

faroah Hi Onny! Christ am ah no' gled tae see you.
Ah thought you wir in the fuckin' broth pot an this place wis derilict.
Wherr the fuck's awbody?
Nae Rid Sonjya, or nuthin'
Ah've hid tae crawl back tae wee Liz's place n' try an brazen it oot like.
Gied them a bit o' stick right enough

Hope your a wee bit ah dae.

That wis good o' ye tae stick up the bad news aboot Ally oan the Mudcat
How's it aw the good guys thit get aw the shite?

See ye later big man...Ake

It's been a wee bit quiet here. Folks have been busy or poorly or both.

Keep up the good work o'er by.

Helluva fuckin' quiet o'er on Simones.
East Coaster

Well, if this forum kicks off again, I'll be the first to let them know....


       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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