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East Coaster

Cowboy Celtic at Edinburgh Folk Club

Venue: Pleasance Cabaret Bar
Wednesday 2nd June 2010

It may seem like a very unfortunate name but this band are rather good. They are over here for "The Buffalo Bill Conference" in Glasgow..seriously... and we're delighted to have them at EFC.

Cowboy Celtic

"We don’t play traditional Celtic music and we don’t play traditional cowboy music. We play the kind of music that you’d have heard if you pushed back the swingin’ doors at an Irish pub in Tombstone or Dodge City." David Wilkie

David Wilkie, the founder of Cowboy Celtic, started tracking down the roots of cowboy music more than 15 years ago. The premise is that cattlemen from Scotland and Ireland, whose industry dates back hundreds of years, brought their culture and musical traditions with them when they moved to North America.

The music of Cowboy Celtic demonstrates that those traditions live on in the music of today. The stories of love and loneliness, lawbreakers and lynchings all reflect the very real world of both the Scottish drovers and the North American West. The connection is in the stories and in the music. You might recognize it in the traditional songs, in old tunes with new lyrics, or in Wilkie's original material.

Cowboy Celtic, centered in Alberta, Canada, includes David Wilkie on mandolin and vocals, Denise Withnell on guitar and vocals, Keri Lynn Zwicker on harp and vocals, and Joseph Hertz on fiddle. Their second CD, “Cowboy Ceilidh,” features some of Scotland’s and Ireland’s finest musicians, and won the Oklahoma City National Cowboy Hall of Fame Wrangler Award for Outstanding Traditional Western Music Album in 1999. The group has recorded four new CDs since they were last in Scotland.

“This is more than music. It’s theatre and imagery and history and storytelling and more, all wrapped up in sagebrush and tartan.”

£8, £7(conc), £5 (members)
East Coaster

You can check out their recordings here

and if you have access to SPOTIFY there's quite a few tracks there.

The music is great albeit with a "laid back" feel.
East Coaster

If you are still a little wary about coming along... Come on be adventurous......... we also have a very good support in the form of Steven Clark

who has been a very active forum member here from time to time. A good pal of Jim King's too.

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