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East Coaster

Dan McKinnon at Edinburgh Folk Club, Wednesday 19th October

Our next gig features Dan McKinnon.
In a nutshell, he is one of the finest voices to be heard from Canada these days and if you were a fan of the great, late Stan Rogers then you'll not go wrong next Wednesday.

"While hitching a ride to a folk festival in 1979, Dan was introduced to Stan Rogers’ music. That brief encounter would never leave him. And, although it wasn’t until several years later when in the midst of his history degree that Dan would finally marry his own natural storytelling voice and love of music, it was hearing Stan sing for the first time that remains his largest influence.

Many Atlantic Canadian’s first introduction to Dan and his music would have occurred while walking through the Halifax Farmer’s Market where, almost every Saturday morning for thirteen years he busked for any and all who would stop and listen. However, it was his first venture with veteran music producer, Paul Mills, that his fifth recording, “Fields of Dreams and Glory”, would introduce his music to the world stage. This CD amassed an amazing 74 consecutive weeks of international airplay – from folk radio shows and stations throughout Canada and continental USA, to Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Holland, the UK, Ireland, and Israel. The album also generated extremely favourable reviews in several Folk Music trade magazines such as: Sing Out! – “Although not his first CD, ‘Fields of Dreams and Glory’ is my first encounter with this incredible artist.” – Rich Warren, Spring 2006; Penguin Eggs - “Dan McKinnon puts so much heart and soul into his music that listening to him, be it live or on CD, is a healing experience.” - Mary Beth Carty, Summer 2006; and Celtic Heritage - “Whether singing about a life experience or an historical event, his knack for storytelling puts the listener in the moment.” - John Ferguson, July/August 2005.

Thirty years of performing and six recordings later - from the coffeehouses, pubs, and bars of his early beginnings in Atlantic Canada, Dan, “blessed with a gorgeous baritone voice, and an exceptional command of phrasing, light and shade” (David Kidman, The Living Tradition, September/October 2006), continues to convey his “finely crafted songs” to audiences through his yearly tours in the UK and performances in and around the Canadian Maritimes. Recent forays into Ontario, the US, as well as a tour of Southeastern Australia in 2007 have only furthered to cement Dan’s commitment and passion to the songs and stories of his Atlantic Canadian home.

“If stories come to you, care for them. And learn to give them away where they are needed. Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive.”
~ Barry Lopez, in Crow and Weasel

Venue: Pleasance Cabaret Bar at 20.00

£9, £7(concession), £6

He's actually rather good.

Great voice, suitable guitar accompaniment and good repertoire - what more could you ask for?

There's some stuff on youtube including Vivanco's film of Dan McKinnon's visit to EFC.

Check it out.
East Coaster

Onny wrote:
He's actually rather good.

Thanks for the excellent endorsement there

Onny wrote:
- what more could you ask for?

Nothing except a few of your old favourite floor spots when they were in their prime.... not Ben and co... but you know who I mean.


If you can't make it to Edinburgh tonight, Dan McKinnon's on at the Star tomorrow (Thursday 20th)

We can expect a floor spot from Tomas Lynch, who would be worth a night out himself.
East Coaster

A good gig and well worth a trip to The Star tonight.
Uncle Fester

An incredible voice, nice guitar playing, and a very polished delivery. All that was missing was a stage set with a rocking chair and a log fire.

I have to confess though, that I found myself drifting off after the first couple of songs. There was a certain sameyness to the material which didn't hold my attention. I may have been alone in this perception. Horses for courses.

Tomas Lynch did the floor spot. Lynch is beginning to return to performance after a long sabbatical. Last night showed he'd not forgotten how to do the job. A dozen or so years ago he was one of those ubiquitous musicians who turned up on everybody's albums and was part of the 'supergroup' Kavana, McNeill, Lynch & Lupari. Watch for his imminent resurrection!

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