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Did I mention the first Rolling Hills Festival?

Bob Knight and Suzie Kelly will play at the Wynd Theatre, Melrose on Friday 23rd July. Or for those more energetic there will a ceilidh in the Corn Exchange with Brechin, Wilkinson and Martin.
On Saturday 24th the evening concert in the Corn Exchange, Melrose will be:-
Ian Davison and Carissa Bovill,
Sylvia Barnes and Sandy Stanage
and Archie Fisher
On Sunday from 2pm the concert will feature the newly formed trio Horizontal Sunday, Shetland Fiddle in the Borders, Stooshie and Fiddler's Leap.
Oh, and there will a craft fair and beer festival and sessions in the King's Arms and the George & Abbotsford Hotel, High St. Melrose.
Hope some of you can make it down to see us.

We went down on Saturday.

Needs more people to go.

Lovely town, lovely people, and a smashin beer festival.

The session at the George &  Abbotsford on the Staurday afternoon and evening was disappointing because there was only about a dozen people there, three of whom were non-singing bodhran players, and a disproportionate number of Killiekrankie Jacobite faut proclaimers scrubbing guitars.

On the occasions I looked into the other pub, there was nobody there at all.

This is a shame because this has the potential to be a really great wee festival.

If it runs next year get all your arses down there and make it go! We've already put it in the diary.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Shameless plugs
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