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Creeping Jesus

Does anybody remember Phiten?

Phiten are a company which makes fraudulent claims about Titanium having magical powers.

They set up a shop in the West End of Glasgow some years ago. The shop and its fraudulent product was featured on a Glasgow website which plugs businesses in certain postcodes. I have no information as to what the site owners get in return for this service.

This sparked a considerable amount of justified ridicule and finger pointing from rational people on various websites, especially the old FirstFoot site which was home to a number of people who can recognise snake oil when they see it.

After some time, some of the more outrageous claims about Phiten products were taken down from their own Scottish website, Whether in response to criticism, or under threat from the ASA - who knows? The company doesn't seem to be trading any more in Scotland. Perhaps not enough people were daft enough to fall for the bullshit.

Phiten continues to sell its product elsewhere in the world to anybody who'll swallow the claim that
The material is "scientifically proven to provide almost instantaneous relief and restore flexibility" because it can "restore the energy flow, or natural bioelectric current, by restabilizing the flow." The products "emit energy, improving bioelectric current at the cellular level—blood cells carry more oxygen, muscle cells fire with more intensity." All of that means Phiten products will "increase performance, lessen fatigue, [and] reduce recovery time."
Rid Sonja

That cumpny hid a franchise in Debenham's annaw and ah wiz shoappin wi a pal thit wiz sufficiently pissed aff wan day ehan she wiz shoappin in sed shoap when she overheard the woman Phiten seller talkin tae a teen lassie aboot the 'benefits' ae thur product.  So she moseyed over tae the woman and listened tae hur spiel whilst supposedly examinine the products.  When the teen left (wi hur purse unopened) ma pal asked the wee wummin how the product worked, only tae  be telt thit it wiz the titanium in the stuff thit 'interacted sumhow wi the body's ain 'electric fields.'  Ma pal then telt thon wummin rather loudly an forcefully thit, since titanium is an inert metal n therefore could hiv nae effect oan the body n thit thon wee wummin should be ashamed ae hursel fur being such a liar.

The wummin packed up hur stall and left.... ah think thon franchise lasted a coupla months mair at most. bom

I believe the wumman spoutin' the pish wis Snake Oil Dave's mither.

I seem to recall that the snakeoil seller was a member of a forum purporting to be for and about west end weegies...
Ox ya Moron

Yer bein a cake agin, Pol.

As I remember there was a lot pf Phiten went on on that site. There was the mad yin who thought she was some kind of education guru (surely gnu? ed.)
because she'd scraped a geogo degree recently. There was the one that despised namedropping but carpet-bombed the site every time her or her husband or wean came with in 500ft of anything remotely noteworthy in the fame department. And there was that ghastly woman who would pant on about all the dives in the West End and would turn up to the opening of an envelope.
Phiten, yeah who wouldn't phite with that collection of gobshites!

Ox ya Moron wrote:
Yer bein a cake agin, Pol.

I am?

(noo, of only ah kent whit being a cake entailed....)  colors
Creeping Jesus

No bein a meringue.


Sometimes I overthink things, eh no?!  drunken
Rid Sonja

Goat tae avoid that ur yer cake goes flat...
renfrewshire radical

Mibbies if ye had cried Pol a doughnut, herself and I wi hae caught on quicker.

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