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East Coaster

Fiona Mackenzie at Edinburgh Folk Club

This Wednesday (23rd June 2010) we feature

FIONA MacKENZIE and her trio.

There are a few Fiona Mackenzies going around but here's the info on this one...

"Fiona Mackenzie was born and raised on the Isle of Lewis off the west coast of Scotland. She has been singing and writing songs in Scottish Gaelic and English from a young age.

Fiona has been performing as a professional singer since leaving her native island for university life in Glasgow. She has toured and recorded with the Edinburgh-based folk band, Seelyhoo, and continues to perform and record as a solo artist and with the groups Anam and Mackenzie.

Now a resident of Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland, Fiona's debut solo album, 'Elevate', was released on Linn Records in early Feb 2008. This album has been recorded with the acclaimed music producer, Calum Malcolm, and comprises of Fiona's self-penned songs in both English and Gaelic. "

Fiona performs mainly with;
Brian hEadhra (guitar)
Hurr whit cannae be mentioned Mulholland(piano)

See also

Venue: Pleasance Cabaret Bar at 20.00

8, 7, 5(members)

Although I've enjoyed listening to Fiona over the years, I was particularly impressed by her new material at last year's Northern Roots Festival. So, when we got the opportunity of this gig I insisted that we should take it.

I'm sure many of you will have fond memories of Anam and Seelyhoo but please make an effort to come along even if you are not familiar with Fiona's work. You won't be disappointed.

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