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East Coaster

Hans Theessink at Edinburgh Folk Club

Wednesday 15th September 2010

"Hans Theessink has become one of the most sought-after artists of the international blues scene. He is more or less constantly "on tour" and plays an average of 200 concerts a year - a modern day troubadour and entertainer who keeps on spellbinding audiences all over the world with his rich and emotional sounds. "

Pleasance Cabaret Bar at 20.00

8, 7, 5(members)

This man has never put on a bad show on all of his visits to Edinburgh or anywhere else for that matter.

What's more, he's a nice guy too and that counts for a lot these days.
Uncle Fester

8's a very fair door price, and you don't have to listen to Jim Byrne.

What's not to like?
East Coaster

Our warm up for the evening will be Sam Carter

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