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Hello wee chinas

Hi abdy....finally got some time to have a wee play in here.

Had a nice Sunday with CJ and Mrs CJ and Rid Sonja and Mr Rid, Raddy and Dave Featherstone at various times of the day.

In the early afternoon I had my first visit to the ballad workshop which was awfy interesting and then in the evening, I really enjoyed the session in the Pot Still, a nice sense of welcome and a mix of different instruments and styles, and no much of the diva comin affa anybody.
Ma one wee beef wis the volume of speech which got a bit overwhelming at times but that's how it goes wi a mezzanine bit.

Aff tae have a wee look about and catch up.

And ye ah such a good time ye left yer coat.

It's quite safe.
Rid Sonja

Glad ye made it at last. alien

BTW, ah know wherr yer coat is...  bounce

heh heh, I realised on the way home...

nae rush for it, I'll get it next time ah see ye's - it's good tae know that my jacket is being looked after while I go fighting wi school transport.

So far, two out of three issues settled....
Rid Sonja

Well. that's good progress...  compress

Yer coat's lookin very fetchin oan its peg.  It quite likes its new coat pals.  flower

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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