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It made me smile.

Spotted online.

My mate Tony once declared that he wanted to become a priest. Another daft mate (Big Frank) says, "Don't be stoopit. Ye cannae just decide tae be a priest. Yer Da hus tae huv been a priest"

May contain small bones.

Back in January, when I couldn't get out and about very easily, someone filled my freezer with a load of tv dinner stuff.

I've been defrosting the freezer (I told you I was missing Wha's Like Us) and came across a carton bearing the warning

"Although extra care has been taken to remove bones, small bones may remain"

The product? Beef lasagne.
Rid Sonja

ah think thurs sumthin fishy aboo thon...

Fur sum reason a warning aboot bones in food made me think aboot the Coven lifting some unsuspectin' gadgie aff the street, huvin' thur wey wi him an turning whit's left intae a pie.
Jim King

Are you on about Alex Salmond again?

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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