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Janey Buchan

Former Glasgow MEP and anti-apartheid campaigner Janey Buchan has died at the aged of 85.
Creeping Jesus

I met Janey a couple of times at lefty folky events. She struck me as a genuinely nice person.

She contributed a great deal to the fabric of Scottish culture.

Hat tipped.

Brian Wilson on Janey Buchan. Thanks to Mary Galbraith for spotting this.

"For Janey and Norman, political debate was never just about making speeches or votes in parliament. They believed in and endlessly practised the joy of campaigning. They propagated the power of the written word, however humble the publication or pamphlet; the use of humour as the most deadly of all weapons; and above all the power of song in the armoury of activism."

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Community Announcements
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