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John McDermott

I'm told we lost John McDermott of The Laggan last week.

He was a nice guy.

He got me and my mates landed with a session in a pub in Anderston called Cheers (AKA Bettys Bar) in the 1980s because the pub wanted to go up market and change its reputation as a prostitute's hingoot.

We lasted about two months of Sundday night sessions. Diggery Venn, and  The Mighty Peely Wally Ceilidh Band (a proto-Iron Horse) would come and sit in with us.

It was a good laugh until the prostitutes took the hump because the Peelies, who all seemed to be about 19 had brought girlfriends with them whom they perceived to be cramming their pitch. That kind of put an end to it.

Hat tipped for John. Another of the old guard away.

There's a nice tribute here.

Balladeer; Citizen of the World; Internationalist & Socialist, Comrade John McDermott

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Community Announcements
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