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Just the thing fer CJ

Canadian film-maker's camera eye

Canadian documentary maker Rob Spence has always loved science fiction.

So much so that when he lost his eye six years ago, he took inspiration from some of his heroes.

"There are so many characters in pop culture and science fiction that have a camera eye that pretty much anyone who loses an eye at least makes a joke about getting a camera eye.

"In my case, I just actually did it."

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The motivation to put a camera in my eye came partly from being an immature adult who wants to be like the Bionic Man”
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Rob Spence

Documentary maker

With the help of a former satellite company employee, he developed a camera which fits into his eye socket, and "eyeborg", as he calls himself, was born.
Creeping Jesus

Aw naw!

Sometimes they search yer bag for cameras when yer gaun inty the pictures.

Ah can see the signs noo. "Check yer glessy at the door."

(Unless it's a 3-d movie)

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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