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Rid Sonja

Ken Caird Tribute

I've written this elsewhere because writing again so soon after the event is a bit of a strain.  I hope no one minds:

It was a an overwhelmingly wonderful, emotional, funny, happy... and sad day and evening.

So many musicians who gave up their time to strive to give a man that they admired and loved the tribute he so richly deserved. And they made it so! Every one of them. And I was completely astonished by the turnout. Performers and audience completed the circle. Kenny Caird loved to perform, and loved watching others do the same and he would have been completely blown away by the numbers of people who came to HIS show. So much so that he would have issued one of his, what will now be known to all who were there as 'A Kenny Joke'. Instead, every act had the pleasure of telling one of Ken's favourites - from the one about the shite to the one about the peanuts and fag machine. And how we all laughed, in memory, and at the sheer unadultarated terribleness of each one. But each one uttered brought Ken back to us for that small time and for all the other times when his jokes or his stories made us laugh.

And there was music. Music to fill the house and music to whisper to the individual. Songs of love and laughter and politics; of joy and of sorrow. And Ken would have loved them all. He would have stood on stage at the end of the afternoon and evening and led the company on a song or two of his own or at least have orchestrated us all in the proceedings. He couldn't be there in body, as he, and all of us had intended when this event was first proposed by Jim King, but he was absolutely there in everyone's heart and head. Their love and admiration for Ken was so wonderfully displayed and it was I was the beneficiary of it all. I wish it could have been different, I wish he had been there. But he would have been happy that WE had all been there, in music and in song; in love and fun, doing the third (or is it forth) most loved thing in the world (Me, roisin and his beloved Godin guitars being the former Smilie_PDT ), playing music and sharing time together in friendship and goodwill.

It was a day to remember, right enough.

My own tribute goes to the legions of friends who, with herculean effort, made the whole thing happen in 8 short weeks. But most of all, my heartfelt thanks must go to Jim King and Steven Clark, without whose gritted determination and unstinting efforts in getting the whole thing to yesterday's resounding success would not have been possible.

"Don't worry about a thing about this, Trish", Jim said at the beginning of it all. And I didn't. I knew they both loved Ken, so what was there to worry about? The answer was delivered in spades last night. Thank you!
Ox ya Moron

Thon's nice wee sentimints thur Sonja. Ma pal JK is med up wi readin yer wurds an he's owercome wi emulshin.

Mind, at wan point last nicht Ah did owerhear him mutter summat aboot his feet gettin sore an how he wusnae gonnae dae this agin annytime soon, nae matter wha snuffed it.

Ah like tae hink CJ wuildae appreshitit that sentimint.

It wis a braw wee show right enuff, an nice tae see sommae thi auld FFers still able tae get aboot wioot thur carers.

It truly was a wonderful day (albeit I was only there for the evening sesh!) and the organisation was bang on brilliant. Well done Jim, Stevie, Ian, Gavin et al plus of course the marvellous musicians who were there to show their respect and love for my big pal. It was as great a tribute as any man could wish for.

Love (as ever) to Trish and Roisin xxx

Rid Sonja

Thon's nice wee sentimints thur Sonja. Ma pal JK is med up wi readin yer wurds an he's owercome wi emulshin.

Me n yer pal JK wur baith 'owercome wi emulshin' Oxy.  Ah wiz greetin as a wrote it - and a wee tear owerflowed when ah read yer post therr tae.  Wuv goat sumthin tae greet aboot, but sumthin tae haud oantae tae.  Ken will aiways be remembered by his many, many friends and that he touched the hearts of so many is a fitting legacy for him.

Summae the pictures of the event thit ah've seen are stunning tae.

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