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Laurie's Bar

I read Laurie's Bar has become Avant Garde. Any thoughts, folks?

Cy sold the bar last month. He's not been well for some time although reports say he's getting a bit better.

Dunno what the policy of the new owners will be regarding the music.

I hadn't heard about his health issues and wish him well.

All in all he's done a lot for the music.
Ox ya Moron

I heard thit sumwan's gettin a wee sesh stertit oan a Wensdy.
Rid Sonja

If they dae, ah hope that the room is mair suitable thin it wiz previously furra sesh.  It wiz too big n barn like an any urrer activity (like the pool players) goin oan in the room became a competitive noise thit jist made tryin tae play music nae fun attawattaw.
East Coaster

Over here in The East, another of Cy's old hostelries...The Tass is now closed and is being taken over by new management(Onny will remember this bar as The Royal Archer).

I don't know if there's to be music in the new pub or not.

As a watering hole, The Tass was very expensive and even charged for tap water at one time but these were Edinburgh prices, I suppose.....
Rid Sonja

It seems that the new establishment that was Lauries has started a session on a Sunday from 7pm.  I'm hoping to get along soon, once some domestic upset is overcome.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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