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Ox ya Moron

Linlithgow fest

Huv ye seen thi line up fer thi Festival? Thur's some guid turns 'booked' fer thi open stage. happy11

And good luck to them.

I asked Hugh and Jim about this last year. They play on that outdoor stage for nothing you know. Rain or shine, and it gives the shoppers some background sounds when they're having a wee rest and a fag after struggling up the hill from Tescos.

And of course, one of those wee wifies in the rainmates might be a big talent scout for a major record company just looking to give an up and coming songwriter his or her big break.

It's no' jist aboot pleying fur nuthin'.

Ah widnae be surprised if thurs no a wee bittae a threat, like 'if you don't let me play ma mammy'll cum roon and fling drinks at ye' or bribery, like 'if ye let me pley ma mammy'll put a poster in hur windae', gaun oan.

It might even be gaun oan at folk clubs annaw. It wid explain much.
East Coaster

It seems to be the same line up every year on the Open Stage as in all the other events with the exception of the main concert but I daresay they know their own business best.
Rid Sonja

Ah usually jist end up at the Black Bitch n be done wi it.  Sittin in that back garden in the sunshine singing and hearin songs fae people thit ah rarely see n thit ah've never heard afore is wannae the best things at that festival.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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