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Listen to my music on youtube

I am Kevin Dunn. Singer Songwriter based in Victoria BC Canada. You can now listen to the complete set of tracks from two of my older CD’s “Gravel Road” and “My Old Blue Truck’ on Youtube now. Just go to youtube and put in “Kevin Dunn….. My old Blue Truck” and it will lead you to all of them.

There is 15 great original songs for someone to cover. Or get back to me with your ideas. I have many more new songs and writing all the time.

I can write to order mostly folk or country music some other. Some of these songs have already had radio play.

I am a member of SOCAN.  


Kevin Dunn.

.  Email reply to this one.

Pat Bay Hwy. Victoria BC Canada. V8Y 1S8.

How do you write to order?

Doesn't that reduce the value of your art to a mere commodity if you're just turning out a product for somebody?

I went and listened to some of the youtubes.

I think I've answered my earlier post.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Shameless plugs
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