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Living Tradition magazine

Anyone seen this on the news stands recently? I haven't for some time and the website is announcing "The editorial deadline is 26th March, The advertising deadline is 9th April 2009"

I gave up on LT, when they announced that they would only review "commercial" releases and that "home-made" recordings would not be listened to - if that sort of small-minded attitude is typical of their approach to music, then feck 'em.

There HAS been an issue since then: No. 83 May/June 2009, the one with Jerry Holland on the front cover. I would have thought that No. 84 would be due now, or even last month.

Chris, I agree that it's rather annoying when they say they will only review "Commercial" releases. How are new, unsigned artists to break through, when the very magazines that should be supporting the grass roots of our music are starving us of exposure?

Unless you're a professional touring artist with a high profile, the record companies won't look at you, and it's almost impossible to raise your profile to that level without support from the likes of "Living Tradition".

Hi Bob - some catch, that catch-22! dontknow

I thought the purpose of Living Tradition reviews was to drive sales for their 'in-house' CD sales business(?)

sound familiar?

renfrewshire radical

My interest in the venture dwindled after a couple of incidents where they printed retractions of reviews, after complaints from advertisers.

Some record companies think that "If you aren't going to give their product a warm glowing review, you should give it to someone who will".

I tend to get my reviews of new albums from Rock and Reel, Uncut, and Record Collecter these days, at least if they think its twaddle they say so.
controversial negro

Is it up the spout, then?

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