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East Coaster

Mandolin etc site.....


It's nice to be nice. I know there's a few mandolin enthusiasts amongst you and lovers of Scottish/trad music in general. So, here's a site which may interest you..

So far, the traffic is fairly low and it's got an "East Coast" feel to it. However, the people over there are very naice really.  Smilie_PDT

Nigel's site is a truly valuable resource.

Go there and read.
East Coaster

Nigel Gatherer's Main Site

Thanks, CS.

I should really have mentioned that the forum is only part of Nigel's main site which can be found at

It is very imformative indeed and a great source for tunes.

We have a Nigel Gatherer on our members list (isn't having a member's list just wonderful?).

Same guy?
East Coaster

I'm quite sure that it's the very man...  Smilie_PDT

Mandolin etc site...

I'm fairly certain there is only one Nigel Gatherer in this world, thank goodness!  cat

WHAT! Only ONE Nigel Gatherer in the whole World! confused1

Could this mean ......  confused2

No, surely Not ......... dontknow

No, surely he can't be the new messiah ..... notworthy

Naw ... he's probably just a VERY NAUGHTY BOY!    

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