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East Coaster

Martyn Wyndham-Read at Edinburgh Folk Club

Wednesday 20th October 2010

"Martyn Wyndham-Read has been involved with folk music for over forty years. In his late teens he left his motherís farm in Sussex and headed off, with his guitar, to Australia where he worked on a sheep station Emu Springs in South Australia. It was while he was there that he heard, first hand, the old songs sung by some of the station hands at Emu Springs and he became captivated by these songs and the need to know more of them and where they came from grew.

He headed off to Melbourne and became part of the folk song revival there and throughout Australia during the early1960ís..

Back to England in 1967 where he met up with the renowned singer and song collector Bert Lloyd, who himself had spent time in Australia. Martyn was asked by Bert Lloyd to be part of the album ĎLeviathaní on the Topic label and soon after he started recording for Bill Leader and touring extensively worldwide."


Venue Pleasance Cabaret Bar

20.00 hours

£8, £7, £5(members)

I realise that most of you "young ones" might not be too familiar with Martin's work but but he is a highly respected and talented performer and, during the eighties, he was regularly rated within the top four or five performers in the UK.

So, here's an ideal opportunity to colour in a glaring gap in your musical appreciation canvas.

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