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Microphone suggestions please

I want to do some recording with my Bandoneon.  That which I've done so far has been done using my H2 but I want to move onwards (and upwards).  I want to use a single mike as I hate hearing squeezeboxes with stereo separation.

Any suggestions greatfully received.


For a single mic on a bandoneon I'd use a condenser from about 18" away.

Choice of mic depends on your budget and what other uses you've got for it.

They needn't be expensive to get decent results. The condensers in my collection are an AKG c1000s (About 100) a SE Electronics SE2200 large diaphragm mic (now SE2200A about 150), and a pair of T.Bone SC180 small diaphragm mics (120 the pair).

The first one I'd try in this instance is the AKG

The C1000s is to me a great all round recording and live mic. I swear by it. Lorna Lavelle did her whol album on one of these through a wee Behringer valve preamp. If you read the mic reviews on harmony central however you'll find people who think it's apiece of shit.

One advantage of the C1000s is that it'll work off a PP3 battery if you don't have access to phantom power.

There are lots of other mics on the market around the 80-150 price point that will do the job admirably too.

Look at products by Rode and MXL, and the rest of Thomann's in-house T.bone range.

After that you're into the more expensive lads like the industry standard AKG C451 at around 270.

I'm not certain if the difference in price is worth it when we're dealing with home recording on a budget.

More later. Work calls.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Instruments and gear.
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