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Music workshops

Music workshops for young folks 8 to 21 yrs. at Piping Plus in Greenock Academy from 27th to 31st July.
10 am till 4pm daily.
what's on offer?
Fiddle with Deirdre Morrison - Guitar with Shaun Craig - Small Pipes with Iain Morrison - Advanced Highland Pipes with Stuart Liddell - Highland Pipes with Iain Darroch - Chanter with Andrew Wallace - Whistle & Bohdran with MArc Duff - Djembi Drums with Jim King - Clarsach with Lauren Tait plus Celtic Art with Val O'Regan
45 for full week (35 concession ) half days 25 for the week. (20 concession)
Contact Arts Development Officer Catriona Henderson on 01475 715588 or visit

Anyone feel in need of a confession?
Jim King

So it seems there are more of us than I thought. There's a Jim King involved in the Rock Ness Festival and now a djembe teacher?

What an interesting world we make it. Smilie_PDT
Rid Sonja

D'yese think ah'd get away wi sayin thit ah'm 21?

(and aye, a nice lie wid be appreciated...)
Jim King

You'll be more likely to be asked for ID to prove you're old enough. Smilie_PDT
Rid Sonja

Noo, that's the kind ae lie ah like tae hear!!  You silver tongued platapus, you! Smilie_PDT Smilie_PDT

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Shameless plugs
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