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My landline's goosed.

My house phone's been out for 3 weeks. The customer service at Talktalk is absolute shit.

Anybody trying to contact me or Trish should use mobiles, emails or the web.

I hadn't thought about it before but Talk Talk say

"Line rental is the charge you pay for an active phone line into your home. The reason we're able to offer such a great value broadband service is that we own our own telephone lines. If we were to use BT's lines, say, we'd incur additional costs. Which would affect our prices. So a TalkTalk broadband and phone package includes line rental as well.

And that means one simple, calls-and-rental bill. It makes things so much easier: there's only one point of contact. So in the unlikely event of a problem, you'll always know who to call."

I had simply assumed Talk Talk use BT infrastructure. I find it hard to believe that Talk Talk, given how attractive their broadband and phone deals are, have (or had) the resources to build their own telecoms network.

It's no consolation but you aren't alone. The internet has plenty tales of Talk Talk woe.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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