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Nae bush furra cush? Get yersel a Cuchini. (Maybe NSFW)

I'd been saving this for the return of Wha's Like Us but, given the lowering of standards brought about by BSB's 'contribution', I figure it'll be OK here.

"Hey Girls. Camel Toe might be hot... if you are a Guy!! But who wants to be the one sporting it? Some secrets are meant to be kept. As we have evolved, hair down there is a thing of the past.  As the landing strip and Brazilian wax have become prominent in today's world, there is no bush for the cush.  And though Camel Toe may be a  hot topic... it's not to the gal sporting it!"

More (indeed more than you'd ever want to know) info at
Creeping Jesus

A cricket box would do the same job.


on a "down there" related topic, saw a funny comment today

'what's the big deal with all this vajazzling nowadays? When I was wee, a cunt covered in jewellery was known as Mr T'


       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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