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Creeping Jesus

Nae watter

We've nae watter up oor close. The taps ur dry.

We'll need tae drink beer.

How awful.

Oh the horror!   Mind, it would have made the morning coffee taste a bit odd.   It could mibbe set a new fashion in trendy complicated coffees.
Creeping Jesus

I believe the latest trendy complicated beverage is panda shit tea.

Oho, I will get rich.     cheers

I believe Tian Tian is due to get unceremoniously pumped next Tuesday or Wednesday.

The increasingly corpulent First Minister is due to be in attendance to witness the event and stand in for Yang Guang should the opperchancity arise (ooh err Mrs).

As Eck put it "at £100,000 a year + board and ludgins, if thurs onny nookie gaun, it's gaun in ma direction'.
Rid Sonja

Ah've been telt thit sumbdy elsewherr's hid too much 'watter' n hiz been askin fur ye, CJ.  

Ah thought ah'd tell ye here coz ah kin imajin well enuff yer response withoot hivin tae observe the real thing.   cyclops_ani

Love this Rikki Fulton Sketch.  

It's lovely  watter this.  Where is Goad's name dae yae get yir watter!  


       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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