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Creeping Jesus

Narendra Nayak at Skeptics in the pub.

Narendra Nayak fae India is gonny be in the Admiral bar the night

The techniques that are used to promote rational thinking in India - a country with a population of over a billion - are of use all over the world. Narendra will discuss the methods and principles of the tricks of those who claim to have supernatural powers and will also speak about those who come over to the West and make claims about their prowess back home in India. He will also show videos shot by various television channels, before taking questions from the audience.

It will be useful for people to know that India too has skeptics who are working among the people, and that it is not a land of only gurus, holy cows and unchallenged superstitions.

A biochemist by profession and a skeptic by conviction, Narendra is the president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations - a network of 65 associated groups all over India, some of whose memberships run into the thousands. The Federation has a presence all over the country, except in the states of the North East, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. They carry the message of rational thinking to the people, through various method like investigating paranormal phenomena and claims of the supernatural. More than that, they perform the tricks done by such claimants to substantiate their claims of supernatural powers. Narendra himself has conducted around 2,000 demonstrations across India, as well as in Australia, England, and Greece.

Ah'm gonny try tae go.
Ox ya Moron

D'ye hink thu'll huv a wee singh around at thi end?

This wis really good last night. The wee fella showed us film o Indian Gurus daein thir 'magic' and then showed us how tae dae the tricks.

I now know how tae magic gold chains oot the air.
Rid Sonja

There was a well known 'believer' there last night who stayed absolutley silent throughout... but then he's a jebus believer so he prolly always thought those gurus wur charletans.

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