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New "open mic" night in Paisley, Celtic Music Radi

Thursday 8th October will be the first Celtic Music Radio "open mic" night, at Paisley Arts Centre.

Performers taking part on the first night will include:

Les Johnson
Acoustic Butterfly
Jane & TheShame

Entry Free.

The event will start around 7pm, and we'll be broadcasting live between 8 and 10 - but the sessions will continue after that.

First night is being compered by Chris Spalding (of "Jane & the Shame"), the CMR team will include Alex Jenkins & Bob McWilliam

This will be the first of a regular series - initially once a fortnight. The exact format of future sessions is still flexible - in many ways it will depend on the mix of people who come along, and their talents and preferences.

The sessions will take place in the Haunt Bar, which is upstairs in the Paisley Arts Centre, New St, Paisley. All welcome!
Jim King

Good luck with it Bruce, I hope it further widens your listening circle.

Best of luck with the venture, Bruce - is there a selection process, or do folk just turn up and play? I wonder if the East Kilbride Arts Centre might be interested - there used to be something similar on a monthly Monday, but I don't know if it's still on.

Change of plan - the event has been postponed by a week - it's now Thursday 15th October. It seems that there was a double-booking in the venue - something taking place in the main auditorium, which prevents us using the bar...

We're not sure exactly how the series is going to pan out - it depends to a great extent on the audience and what they want - if you're interested in taking  part, contact us at the studio (  The original proposal was that there would be some pre-arranged acts, and also some "floor spots" - but there are lots of options.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Shameless plugs
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