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New Glasgow sessions.

2 new singers sessions have started in Glasgow.

Monday nights in the Roxy (formerly the liquid ship) Great Western Road.

We've been to the first two and they were quite good. Expect to hear people like The Catskinners, Jim King, Steven Clark, Donald Mckay & Rebecca Wright at this one.


Tuesday nights in CafeSourceToo out at Hughenden Road

This one's hosted by Tom Laurie, and the inaugural one this week was very like the old SAInTS Wednesday session but without the background noise that drove us to abandon it a few years ago, complete with most of the old crew. Smashin fun.


Sunday afternoon singers sessions in Hootenanny in St Enoch Square have recommenced after the Xmas break. Regulars include The Catskinners, Andy Craig, and John Morrison. from about 2:30 pm.

These are all open and inclusive sessions with an emphasis on songs. All welcome whether you want to sing or not. If you do, expect the musicians to join in.
Creeping Jesus

Yasterday's Hootenanny was rerr fun. Tea and biscuits and a French lad on holiday singing a chanson.

The Roxy's getting it tonight.
Creeping Jesus

The Roxy was ok, but a bit disjointed last night.

Never mind. It's Hughenden this evenin.

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