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Jim King

New toys

At the weekend I took ownership of a couple of these...

...75 watts and 3.5 kilo each, they can fit on to a mic stand with the boom section attached to the top!

Wharfdale WPM1 active speakers. Astonishing things, thanks to CJ for pointing the way to a 'micro' PA system.

I reckon a pair of them could fill Perth Library ............

That looks pretty useful. If Wharfedale have used the same speaker technology as they do for thei studio monitors that should be a sweet sounding wee system for cafe gigs.
Ox ya Moron

Onny wrote:
I reckon a pair of them could fill Perth Library ............

A perr ae thum wuildnae tak up wan seat. Ye'd need aboot annurrer five hunnert tae fill thon place. Efter aw, thur wuildnae be an audyince wuild thur?
Jim King

Some people just can't let it lie can they.

And Catskinner, so far I've only had the chance to check them out at home, but cranked up to - "Jim, stop that! You'll have the neighbours complaining!" - levels was hardly touching capacity. Sound quality is unbelievably good for such tiny units. There's really no need for the version that goes all the way up to eleven.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Reviews
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