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Newcastleton Folk Festival 3rd-5th July 2009

Newcastleton is a smashing wee festival just north of the mince n tattie line.

".........the festival revolves around a series of competitions (mainly on Saturday), loosely linked by dances, organised ceilidhs and singarounds on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Non-combatants create ad-hoc sessions in all possible locations and visitors are more than welcome at every venue. "

No egos, no big names (at least none planned) no hassle.

Well worth a visit.
East Coaster

As I mentioned elsewhere....

"Expect the usual hospitality from The Grapes Hotel...... and I believe they're "freezing" the charge on plastic glasses at twenty pence for another year!"

Also, The Liddesdale Hotel was under new management for the last couple of years and seem to have adopted a "Meals come first" policy. However, they seemed to loosen up a little last year and provided a bit more space for sessions.

The Legion is still very welcoming and you can get real glasses there. Also, the "after ceilidh" crack in The Village Hall is also great fun.

Is the 20p a deposit? I recall another, entirely different, festival - Rothbury - taking 50p deposit on glass tumbers only for festival-goers to discover you couldn't put your glass down for a second with some urchin nicking it.
East Coaster

No, it's a charge for each plastic glass. Apparently, there is a "lot of extra work involved" during the festival. They are "happy to accommodate us" but need to cover the extra costs. Mind you, I thought the extra profits would have helped there!

Presumably, if you used the same plastic glass or brought your own tankard or whatever you wouldn't be charged the extra 20p but you might get their backs up.

They certainly don't go out of their way to mention the 20p charge and I only found out when I questioned the cost of a round. The landlord was quite disgusted that I should be concerning myself over "a few pence" even although I was also short changed by about 50p over and above the charge for the glasses. Oh, that's not to mention the charges for the "dashes" of lime etc which weren't cheap either.  :x

If you enjoy a tipple like many of us folkies do, this extra "few pence" soon mounts up.

Needless to say, I didn't spend any more money there that weekend.


As if there weren't enough snouts in traditional music's trough.

I was going to suggest you complain to the local MSPs but they turn out to be 'list' (i.e. second best) members Christine Grahame (is there something wrang wi thon wumman's heid? she's like a fuckin' noddin' dug?) and Mike Russell - nuff said.

Poor sods. You wouldnae wish that on onnybody.
East Coaster

Anyway, I'll be back down there as per usual although I may be "topping up" my glass next door.   drunken
East Coaster

It was a very good festival this year with some great sessions although I still maintain that we've lost some of the better spaces within the two main pubs. However, these have to operate all year round and the management obviously have to consider such things when allocating rooms for music.

Overall though, it was a great atmosphere especially during both Saturday and Sunday afternoon with lots of "weel kent" faces doing the rounds.

You could all do much worse than nominate this festival for The Scots Trad Awards. It's a great achievement to reach the 40 year mark and still be going strong.
Don't let the young trendy "Debauchery in a field" events or, alternatively, the Gael Gatherings get their own way all the time...

East Coaster wrote:
             ..............Don't let the young trendy "Debauchery in a field" events or, alternatively, the Gael Gatherings get their own way all the time...

You need only look at the money involved in these ventures to see where the mass email campaigns begging for support come from.

Mind, one or two individuals - no strangers to HIE money - aren't above canvassing for support  compress

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