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Dick Gaughan at the Star
Rab C Nesbit new series
suprisingly good band, folkish
New toys
'The Killing'
Partick Folk Club Aug 28
Star FC 25 August 2011: Jeanna Leslie & Siobhan Miller
"Spit and rap"
Tannahill Weavers ....Strachur Memorial Hall
Along the miners rows. Star Club 17th September
Dick Gaughan at the Star Club 10th September
Brian McNeill's The Baltic Tae Byzantium
Stairwell Sisters
Cambridge Folk Festival
Acoustic Zone, Glasgow Show
Partick folk club 31st July
Steve Kritzer at the Star. A lesson in stagecraft.
Cheyenne Brown and Seylan Baxter at the Star.
Catskinner's one word reviews of Brampton Live
Vancouver Island Music Fest
Nathan Rogers at the Star
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