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I think I must have had too much sleep deprivation. Just written my way into a proposal to consider the lack of depictions of actual male genitalia in post WW1 Art of the Weimar Republic and the substitution of objects for penises as sexual trauma brought on by the trenches.

I hope I don't end up looking like I've got dicks on the brain or WORSE!
That I am a dick brain. bom

I'll fetch my sheath
Creeping Jesus

That would make interesting reading Betty.

Be sure to post your draft here and we'll poof read it for you.

Ok ah know, ah know! Right?
Ox ya Moron

Thon's a queer typo, Sonja.

Ox ya Moron wrote:
Thon's a queer typo, Sonja.

But Rid Sonja hasn't posted anything.  Mibbe you're going blind:  I wonder what could possibly have caused that.    laughing3  Any  hair growing on the back of your hands yet?   laughing3
Ox ya Moron

Awright, Ah wisnae peyin too much attenshin when Ah read thon. So it wis CJ no Sonja. Ma pollyjees tae thum baith.
Rid Sonja

aye, Oxy, ye shoulda known it wizny me thit made thon type

S'if ah wood.

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> General Prattle and Gossip
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