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East Coaster

Robert Tannahill Bicentenary Concert

Wednesday 30th June at Pleasance Cabaret Bar

Our next gig will be a really special evening.

Robert Tannahill Bicentenary Concert

"Robert Tannahill (1774-1810), the Paisley song-writer and poet, arguably inherited the cultural mantle of Robert Burns more than anyone. Though 18,000 people turned out for his centenary celebration, he has been sadly neglected for the last 100 years. His works have been published in numerous editions - virtually always without the music - so that the songs have all but disappeared. It was with this in mind that Dr Fred Freeman launched a CD series in 2006 of what will be the only 'Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill' (Brechin All Records). This concert follows on from a widely acclaimed Bicentenary Concert and launch of volume 2 at this year's Celtic Connections."

Featuring John Morran(Deaf Shepherd), Wendy Weatherby, Sandy Brechin, Marc Duff...and of course, Fred Freeman.

I saw this project during Ceilidh Culture and it was excellent. We decided to ask Fred and Co if they'd kindly consider putting on the show again for us at Edinburgh Folk Club for one of our regular nights.

It really is a great show and a very entertaining evening of songs and tunes from some of the country's finest musicians. What's more, it's also a very informative piece without being "dry" or "too academic" in the slightest. The songs are also interspersed by fine tune sets too and lots of good humour.

Thoroughly recommended.

Pleasance Cabaret Bar at 20,00

8, 7, 5(members)

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