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Rolling Hills Folk Club - new temporary venue

The King's Arms, Melrose is to have new owners from the end of the this month.  They will close the hotel for six weeks to refurbish the hotel.  (I do hope they leave the folk club room well alone as it has great acoustics).  Consequently I have had to find an alternative venue.  Darnick village hall is the place to see and hear the amazing Habbadam from Denmark/Sweden on November 6th,
Scott Gardiner and Johnny Kemp on November 20th and
Rantumscantum on December 4th.

With any luck we will be back in for Christmas although I have not met the new owners yet.

I would like to refresh this post and have used the appropriate deoderant.

Habbadam begin their Scottish tour in Darnick!  November 6th.

Well, the King's Arms remains closed and no sign yet of any alterations or refurbishment.  How do Punch Taverns actually run their business?  The hotel has been closed since the end of October; no beer sold; no restaurant open and no hotel bookings.

I have used the Village Hall for the last couple of months and now the club will move into The George & Abbotsford Hotel, Melrose in the New Year on 8/1/10.

I suppose if you have 7,600 pubs across the UK you can afford to leave one or two shut for a few months.

Looks like we could be making this venue permanent.  
21 brave souls turned up in really atrocious weather conditions of thick fog for the really talented Gren Bartley on the 22nd.  What an amazing guitarist/banjo player he turned out to be.
This week on Friday 5th we have Ewan Wilkinson and Sandy Brechin.  If you are in the area do come in and see us.

News from the Borders.
Janette Geri from Australia pays a visit to the club on 16th April.
On May 21 a treat in store when Jim King makes a welcome return to the Rolling Hills of the Borders.  
On June 4th Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson will be our guests.
Did I mention the Rolling Hills Festival?
Bob Knight and Suzie Kelly will play at the Wynd Theatre, Melrose on Friday 23rd July. For those more energetic there will a ceilidh in the Corn Exchange with Brechin, Wilkinson and Martin.
On Saturday 24th the evening concert in the Corn Exchange, Melrose will be:-
Ian Davison and Carissa Bovill,
Sylvia Barnes and Sandy Stanage
and Archie Fisher
Oh and there will a craft fair and beer festival and a few sessions in the local pubs.
Hope some of you can make it down to see us.
Jim King

On May 21 a treat in store when Jim King makes a welcome return to the Rolling Hills of the Borders.

An even bigger treat as I'll be in the company of my pal Steven Clark.

We're both looking forward to the return.

Psssst  - Jim  - I thought you were keeping that part a secret because of a certain someone's birthday?
Jim King

Ha ha, yes, my gift to him - the night off.

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