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East Coaster

Samling at Edinburgh Folk Club

Wednesday 9th June 2010

While their lineup now seems to have changed to a great extent, I'm sure this will prove to be an interesting night.

About Samling

"Samling is a four-piece band that binds together Norwegian and Scottish Gaelic vocal music traditions, using exciting arrangements and dramatic instrumentals. The band is part of a new movement within the European roots scene becoming known as Nu-Nordic. We take on the two traditions and weave them together into a rich tapestry of harmony and rhythm with unexpected twists.

Fronted by vocal duo Anne Sofie Linge Valdal (Fribo, Jim Sutherland, Andi Neate) and Naomi Harvey (Lurach), the songs are combined with guitar, five-string fiddle, whistle and flute to create musical landscapes unlike anything you have heard before.

The songs are intertwined with instrumental arrangements from Tom Oakes (The Auvo Quartet) on guitar and samples, and Jon Bews (eks-Malinky, Cantrip) on fiddle, combined with whistle from Naomi and the unusual and captivating sound of Anne Sofie's Norwegian willow flute. "

"magical and masterfull...unique and captivating"
Folk Radio UK

"verve, skill and enthusiasm"
Rob Adams, The Herald

Check out their My Space site

and sample some of this "Nu" Nordic stuff...... !!

Pleasance Cabaret Bar where one of my colleagues will accept your dosh in my absence...
8, 7, 5 (members)
East Coaster

Opening the show will be The Wild Myrtles who are a highly regarded "Singy" outfit from Edinburgh...

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