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Jim King

I thought this had been mentioned here already but I can't see it so it must have been elsewhere.

Anyway, it's a great new site that has fantastic potential if the owner can keep it up. Of course, like anything of its type its future will be enhanced if it gets support.
East Coaster

Here's one I prepared earlier

and you even contributed to it!

I thought I put the information in General prattle!  
I think Jim, that Alan's site needs as much exposure as possible.   The amount of work that has gone into it is commendable.
Jim King

Many thanks EC, I looked but missed that and I know I've seen references elsewhere.

And I agree with you Ron.
Rid Sonja

I think that's a really handy site from what I've seen (although I've not had much time to to get on with real work, you know, sometimes...

       Catskinners folk music forum Forum Index -> Reviews
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